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Cruising South Africa with MSC Cruises - Welcome to the MSC Musica

Hello Summer indeed! So, where  are we taking you this season?

Perhaps...South Africa? The Med? The Bahamas? The Caribbean?

Come on in and let us take you on a sea cruise!

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Cruise tips & essentials - Ship lingo glossary

Dive into Cruise & Pirate Lingo: Your Ticket to Navigating the Seas with Ease and you will have fun with it.

Getting ready for your first cruise? You’ll quickly discover that the world of cruising comes with its own unique language. Knowing these key terms will enhance your experience, making you feel like a seasoned sailor from the moment you step onboard. 

Essential Cruise Vocabulary

  1. Ship, Not Boat Always refer to the vessel as a “ship.” Remember, a boat fits inside a ship, not the other way around.
  2. Cabin or Stateroom Your “room” onboard. It’s cozy, comfortable, and the perfect retreat after a day of adventures.
  3. Deck Equivalent to hotel floors, but way cooler. Stroll, explore, and find your favorite spot to relax.
  4. The Bridge The command center of the ship where the captain navigates.
  5. Captain The master of the vessel, ensuring your cruise is smooth sailing.
  6. Cruise Director Your go-to person for fun and entertainment, ensuring every moment is filled with joy.

Key Locations and Navigation

  1. Atrium The grand, central hub of the ship, often stunningly beautiful and bustling with activity.
  2. Port Side The left side of the ship when facing forward. Easy to remember: “Port” and “Left” both have four letters.
  3. Starboard Side The right side of the ship when facing forward.
  4. Forward The front of the ship. Ideal for breathtaking views.
  5. Aft The back of the ship. A favorite for serene wake views.
  6. Mid-ship The middle of the ship, often preferred for its stability and easy access to amenities.

Your Onboard Experience

  1. Embarkation Day The thrilling first day when you board the ship and your adventure begins.
  2. Muster Drill A mandatory safety drill to ensure everyone’s well-being. It’s essential and reassuring.
  3. Sailaway Party Celebrate as the ship leaves port. Join the festivities on deck for music, dancing, and drinks.
  4. Sea Day A day spent cruising the open sea, filled with onboard activities or relaxing by the pool.
  5. Shore Excursion Organized activities and tours at each port of call. From snorkeling to city tours, there’s something for everyone.

Dining and Relaxation

  1. Main Dining Room (MDR) The primary dining area where you’ll enjoy gourmet meals in a more formal setting.
  2. Specialty Restaurants Unique dining venues offering exceptional culinary experiences for an additional fee.
  3. Lido Deck Typically the pool deck, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and casual dining.


Booking and Costs

  1. Cruise Fare The base price of your cruise, covering your accommodation, meals, and most onboard activities.
  2. Gratuities Service fees for the crew, often added daily to your onboard account. Prepay to simplify your experience.
  3. Onboard Credit (OBC) Extra credit on your cruise account to spend on the ship, often offered as a booking incentive.

Avid Cruiser Lingo

  1. Cruisebug The irresistible urge to book your next cruise immediately after returning home.
  2. Cruise Addict Someone who can’t get enough of cruising. Always planning the next voyage.
  3. Post-cruise Blues The melancholy feeling after returning home. Remedy: start planning your next cruise!

Acronyms You’ll Hear

  1. OBC Onboard Credit – use it for purchases on the ship.
  2. B2B Back-to-back cruises, meaning two consecutive sailings.
  3. FCC Future Cruise Credit – a credit to use on a future cruise.
  4. TA Travel Agent – your cruise planning ally.

Embrace this cruise lingo, and you’ll navigate your upcoming voyage like a pro. Bon voyage and smooth sailing!


How to talk like a pirate – Greetings

Ahoy!  Hello!
Ahoy, matey!  Hello, crew or friends!
Ahoy, me hearties!      Hello, my good friends

Ahoy, me hearties!
If yer gonna to join a crew, ye better learn the lingo. I’m Swabby, I’ll be teachin’ ye how to be a true buccaneer!

Heave ho – “Put your back into it!” This is when you want the crew to move faster!

Common Sayings

Argh! (“Yarrr!”or “Arrr!”) – A positive response or expression of excitement
Avast Ye – Stop and check this out
Aye – Yes
Aye Aye – I’ll get this done right away
Blow Me Doon! – Phrase of shock or amazement
Davy Jones’ Locker – An evil spirit at the bottom of the ocean, drawing pirates to their death
Dead Men Tell No Tales – Leave no survivors
Feed the Fish – About to die
Fire in the Hole – Warning before a cannon is fired
Heave Ho – Put yer muscle into it
Jolly Roger – Classic black pirate flag with white skull and crossbones
Shiver Me Timbers! – An expression of shock
Walk the Plank – Method of execution where bound victim is forced to walk off the ship to their doom
Yo Ho Ho! – Cheery phrase to get someone’s attention


Bilge-Sucking – An insulting expression of disdain
Carouser – Reckless or loud person who drinks excessively
Landlubber – A person unfamiliar with the sea or sailing
Scallywag – A rookie pirate
Scourge of the 7 Seas – The worst kind of pirate
Scurvy Dog – Yer teeth might fall out
Son of a Biscuit Eater – Another insult, bread related
Scurvy dog! – Looking to insult an enemy crew member! Scurvy Dog’ll do it!

Plunder & Treasure

Booty – A treasure
Bounty – A reward put on the capture of a pirate
Coffer – The treasure chest
Plunder – Take the booty or steal

Boat References

Bow – Front of a ship, also called “forward”.
Broadside – The most vulnerable angle of a ship that runs the length of the boat. The main cannons are located here.
Chaser – Cannons mounted in the bow or stern of a sailing ship.
Clipper – Fast-moving boat or ship
Cog – Smaller war ship
Crow’s Nest – A small lookout platform near the top of the mast to see long distances

Dinghy – A small (row) boat often used to ferry pirates from the ship to shore. In Plunder Panic, it be full of explosives and dubbed “Death’s Row”!
Forecastle – The forward deck of the ship. My sword shop be located here.
Galley  – A long slender ship propelled manually by oars. Also where food is cooked and prepared on a ship.
Hull – This is the watertight body of the ship that allows it to float. Put a few holes in this and the ship will sink.
Poop Deck – The deck above the “aft” cabin (typically above the captains quarters) used by officers for observation; derived from French word “La Poupe”, meaning stern.
Port – Nautical term for left side of ship.
Starboard – Nautical term for right side of ship.
Stern – Rear of a ship. Also called “aft”.

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A combination of Fully Escorted Land Safaris and Tours with an Ocean Cruise.
Our "best of both" experiences!

Escorted Tour: Kruger and Cruise

Escorted Tour: Kruger and Cruise - The Big 5MSC Splendida

Starts in Johannesburg and ends in Durban. Visit the famous Kruger National Park, the magnificent Panorama Route, Swaziland, Hluhluwe and St Lucia, Durban and then by sea on the MSC Splendida to Pomene Bay in Mozambique.

Garden Route and Cruise Escorted Tour - The King ProteaMSC Splendida

Starts in Cape Town and ends in Durban. Visit the Southern most tip of Africa, Route 62, Cango Caves, Ostrich Farm, and Knysna. Fly to Durban (included) and join the MSC Splendida for a cruise to South Africa's favorite cruise destination.



Escorted Tour: Kruger and Cruise



Garden Route and Cruise Escorted Tour - The King ProteaMSC Splendida

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